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Core XR Pro

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Description Core XR Pro

With the Core XR PRO, Core introduces the first five-strut ultra-high performance big-air kite in Aluula construction. On the day of the introduction, the WOO height record has been broken not once, but twice!  The Core XR Pro seems to push us into a new era of big air records. Your record is next in line.

The Core XR Pro was created by giving the Core XR8 a big upgrade with a super light and super stiff Aluula frame. A slow Core XR is a thing of the past with this Aluula frame of the Core XR PRO. Ideal for the more radical kite surfer who likes height and ultimate performance. Because all five struts and the entire leading edge of the Core XR Pro 2024 now consist of the light ALUULA material, Core has been able to keep the weight of the XR Pro very low.

In addition to weight savings, the use of ALUULA material has another huge advantage. Due to the stiff material, the leading edge can be made thinner, while the stiffness even increases. A thinner leading edge has less resistance when flying through the air and therefore steers faster, goes easier upwind, and jumps even higher than the standard XR8. The big air performance of the Core XR Pro is truly incredible!

So are you looking for the most high-performance Core kite ever? Do you want to break your height record with ease and pull the thickest kite loops? Then definitely check out this Core XR Pro kite!

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