FiberworX History

Our company name reveals its origin as a small custom board manufacturer started on the island of Aruba in 1987.

Starting out producing custom windsurfboards for local sailors, Fiberworks quickly gained a reputation for elaborate custom painting jobs on their boards. The polyurethane-polyester construction used during the mid to late eighties allowed for a perfect display of airbrushed graphics and the boards quickly gained popularity abroad.

With the export booming, the small workshop produced around a hundred windsurfboards per year. During this period, Aruba became a popular windsurfing destination for windsurfers visiting from all over the world.

High performance boards

In the late eighties, new construction techniques developed in the US challenged the custom board building industry, causing a shift away from the highly visual clear polyester boards to high tech composite sandwich construction methods.
Gone were the days where a stunning airbrush design was the deciding factor for a purchase and the focus was now clearly on performance and high tech construction. Fiberworx quickly adapted and experienced further growth during the nineties, gaining a reputation for ultra light weight high performance slalom boards with a large following in the South American market.

The production method using vacuum bagging and exotic high tech materials such as carbon fibers and honeycomb sandwich sheets required a bigger workshop and a few extra people. The yearly Aruba Hi Winds Pro Am event was the perfect showcase for our boards with many local and international riders winning races on our boards.

Premiere Surf equipment retailer

During this period, shaper Geert van den Berg was also active as a sponsored rider and product test rider for Neil Pryde, a relationship that opened the door for Fiberworx to expand into the distribution and sales of windsurfing gear. With the retail shop situated at a stone’s throw from the famous Fisherman’s Huts windsurfing beach, Fiberworx established itself as the premier retailer of windsurfing, and later kite surfing equipment in the area.The kite surfing boom that started in 2001 gave Fiberworx a welcome boost further cementing our market position as the main supplier of wind & kitesurfing gear in Aruba.
From Fiberworx to FX Sports
Wim Eelens, a long time friend and talented windsurfer previously sponsored by FiberworX managed to establish himself at the center of Aruba’s windsurfing & kite surfing scene with his company, Aruba Active Vacations. Always looking to expand his horizon, Wim joined FX Sports in 2011 and is the driving force behind the successful launch of our bike department.Today, whether it is watersports or biking, our dedicated team of professionals keeps FX Sports at the forefront and true to our slogan;
Get Out There!