Get Safe, Get Wet, Get Riding & Get Hooked!

With constant trade winds, and flat turquoise waters, the Dutch ABC-Islands are a world renowned kite destination for beginners and pros alike. Are you ready to take on this exhilarating challenge?

Focused on delivering the best kitesurfing experience for our guests, FX Bonaire Kiteschool and Vela Sports Aruba are the number one premiere Kiteschools on Aruba and Bonaire. Making safety, quality of lessons and equipment a top priority. Our internationally qualified instructors will teach on only top of the range, industry-leading equipment, giving our students the best chance to master the sport.

At FX Bonaire Kiteschool and Vela Sports Bonaire we offer lessons in Kitesurfing, Kitefoiling, Wingfoiling and so much more. 

Do you want no hassle with traveling, pay additional fees and surf with the latest gear available? Just come and rent our gear. 

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