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Duotone Select Concept Blue 2024

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Description Duotone Select Concept Blue 2024

The Duotone Select Concept Blue 2024: Your Ticket to the Ultimate Freeride Experience

Introducing the Duotone Select Concept Blue 2024, the ultimate freeride kiteboard designed to elevate your kiteboarding adventures. With its winning combination of speed, direct responsiveness, and controlled pop, the Select offers the perfect blend for riders focused on progression. Whether you're a seasoned kiteboarder or just starting, this board ensures a comfortable and exhilarating ride from the first session, allowing you to unlock your full potential.

The Duotone Select is your versatile companion, suitable for both beginners and experienced riders. Effortless upwind cruising, coupled with exceptional comfort, makes the Select particularly welcoming for novice kiteboarders. However, it doesn't compromise on sportiness and playfulness, even in challenging and choppy waters. You'll find popping becomes second nature, and the board's agility invites you to explore tricks like backrolls and frontrolls!

For 2024, Duotone has taken the Select to the next level with the introduction of the innovative Concept Blue construction. The Duotone Select Concept Blue 2024 harnesses the power of natural materials, including flax and basalt, to create a kiteboard that's exceptionally durable and eco-friendly. Flax fiber, an eco-conscious alternative to traditional glass fiber, boasts superior damping properties and excellent torsional flex. What's more, flax plants mature in just 100 days, significantly reducing the resources needed for production. Combined with basalt fiber, a natural material derived from volcanic rock, the result is a kiteboard that offers precise control over strength and flex, enhancing both torsional and longitudinal stiffness for an improved, sportier ride, all while being environmentally responsible.

In addition to the Concept Blue construction, the Select features the return of Space Flex tips for 2024. This year, the tips sport an enlarged window, providing added comfort during your rides. Furthermore, the top of the tip is asymmetrical, creating a stiffer heel side and delivering a more predictable and consistent flex pattern. The stiffer heel edge, combined with the moderately flat rocker, ensures remarkable upwind performance, effortlessly taking you upwind with ease.

If you're in search of a freeride kiteboard tailored for progression, the eco-conscious Duotone Select Concept Blue 2024 is your ideal companion. It's all about delivering top-notch performance and endless enjoyment, regardless of your skill level. The Duotone Select is your ticket to kiteboarding excellence!

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