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Ozone Edge V12

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Description Ozone Edge V12

Discover the Ozone Edge V12: A High-Performance Evolution

The latest iteration of the Ozone Edge, the V12, showcases significant upgrades that enhance its performance and responsiveness. We've fine-tuned this kite to deliver the ultimate freeride experience, making it your go-to choice for big air and all-around kiteboarding adventures.

The most noticeable enhancement can be found at the leading edge of the kite. Ozone has introduced a revolutionary new seam just behind the leading edge, referred to as "transverse shaping." This innovative seam results in a sleeker profile, allowing the Edge V12 to cut through the wind effortlessly. The impact of this upgrade is evident as you grip the bar – the Edge V12 feels incredibly smooth and reliable.

While not immediately visible, the "pre-loaded leading edge" delivers a tangible improvement in performance. The leading edge is now reinforced to handle increased tension, which is seamlessly transmitted to the canopy of the Ozone Edge V12. This results in a kite with a taut canopy, virtually eliminating flapping, and greatly enhancing aerodynamics. Unlike its predecessor, the Edge V11, which sometimes exhibited trailing edge vibrations, the Edge V12's updated trailing-edge design resolves this issue.

The overall performance of the Ozone Edge has been elevated in its 12th iteration, preserving its Edge feel but with enhanced performance. The Ozone Edge V12 offers a smoother ride, significantly reduced flapping, improved upwind capabilities, and increased power and lift. 

To ensure a durable yet lightweight kite, Ozone has crafted the Edge V12 with Teijin Triple Ripstop fabric. The ultra-thin leading edge is constructed from Teijin Dacron. The pulley-less design ensures direct and immediate feedback at the bar, allowing you to stay in control and always know the kite's position, even after performing complex maneuvers. 

In summary, the Ozone Edge V12 lets you go all out for massive big air, exhilarating kiteloops, and smooth freeride action. It's the ultimate choice for taking your kitesurfing to the next level!

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